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As we put our best foot forward to face what lies ahead of us, We'd like to share a piece of news I’m really excited about. We are now open and ready for serving the basic necessity of mankind..... Pure and Safe Drinking Water. And thats exactly what we do with a lot of passion and driven by a deep desire to provide people with only the best quality of drinking water with the goodness of added minerals. It is like drinking from the bossoms of mother nature but right in the comfort your homes. Every bottle of AQUIDEN™ comes with Ozonised Reverse Osmosis treated water with added minerals like Potassium, Sodium and Calcium.


The raw water is purified by a detailed 7 stage filtration process. We pass the water through the process of Sand filtration which takes out the floating and sinkable particles and aids in removal of the suspended matters from the water. The raw water flows vertically through the sand and gravel beds and the particles are removed by absorption and physical encapsulation.

Then the water passes through Activated Carbon filters which arrests any foul odour or colour in the water. It ensures the clearing out of the pollutants and the Volatile Organic Compounds(VOCs). Then the water passes theough a Reverse Osmosis filtration system where our imported membrane chambers removes ions, unwanted molecules and larger particles from the water with tremendous effeciency.

Then the water is Passed through the UV Chamber where any and every living organism is effectively eliminated. As the water flows past the high intensity UV light, the microorganisms are neutralised and the harmful bacteria and viruses are permanently deactivated.

Then the water is treated with a doze of Ozonisation. It is a powerful oxidising agent which ensures that every last bacteria, viruses and cysts and destroyed, hence ensuring the safest drinking water for our customers. Then the water is dozed with the perfect amount of Potassium and Sodium and Calcium at 3 different stages which reinstates the minerals found in natural waters whuch are goid for the overall health of a person. This mineralization reinstates the perfect goodness of mother nature in every drop.

The treated water is carefully packed maintaining the maximum hygiene and minimum human intervention. Our automated plant enaures that each drop of water is pure and safe. Each bottle is filled and packed with utmost care and a keen eye on the highest standards of health and hygiene.

What is AQUIDEN™?

It’s the coming together of our endless efforts and an inherent need to cater to the basic right of people for pure and safe drinking water at an affordable and competitive pricing amd exciting packaging to tickle the senses.

Our purification systems are built to deliver water that is ever-pure, ever-dependable, healthy, intuitive, and in tune with your needs to drink pure and build immunity in these ever-changing and challenging times. With our eyes set on the future, AQUIDEN™ is made for you, around you, to help you have a healthy life and build a better today and brighter tomorrow. A tomorrow, we’ll build together.

If you’re a part of the AQUIDEN™ family, you’ll automatically become a part of a healthy lifestyle. If you're drinking anything else, now's the best time to be a part of this journey, that's brimming with purity of purpose and bearing endless possibilities for a healtier and stronger you.

I invite you to join us on this journey, as we move ahead together, for tomorrow.

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